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Sahar DuBois

Night Court

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Jun 25 2017, 01:18 PM
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Sahar Dubois

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20th July 1339

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Night Court

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Sahar has her Fathers colouring, though her skin is paler than his. It is a dark caramel colour, which darkens more in the summer if she spends time out in the sun, which only really happened when she as a child. She has her Mothers eyes, a blue that looks almost out of place on her face until you see that they do indeed belong there. Her lips are full, and her hair is a shade of jet that she knows som have to dye to achieve, it is long and curls down her back, usually glistening with the oils she massages into them. She has a petite frame, and stands no taller than about five feet five inches tall.<p>

There are many different facets to her personality, she can play the hostess, the entertainer, and the quiet smile on an arm. She is naturally a little submissive, wanting to please everything though that started with wanting to please her Mother who instructed her and her Brother in all the arts they would need to be truly memorable Servants of Naamah. She is used to hard work, having worked in her mothers Salon most of her life, though only in the more mundane duties, which was also designed to attracted the Patrons interest in both her and her twin for their Debut when it came.<p>

Sahar is the eldest of twins, a boy and a girl, born to Solange and Omer Dubois. Her Mother was once the jewel of Eglantine, and her Father was born of a d'Angeline soldier and a maid to the Umaiyyatan Princess. She knows her parents met when her Father came to the City of Elua and decided to visit Eglantine, which was where he met Solange and the two fell in love. They decided to start their own boarding house, and over time they turned it into one of the most popular and well known salons outside of Mont Nuit.<p>

Sahar and Shamsa grew up in the Salon, living in the small apartment out the back. She knew of Servants of Naamah and Naamah's arts before she knew of much else, and both her and her Brother would help out where they could and were directed to by their Mother and Father who ran the Salon on behalf of the other Servants of Naamah who dwelt there under them.<p>

When both Sahar and Shamsa told their Mother that they wanted to enter into Naamah's service she began their training. They could both sing, dance, play at least one instrument, as well as learning Naamah's Arts and how to please a Patron. They were kept up to date in worldly events as well as politics, trained to the art of both easy and clever conversation.<p>

The Twins now just wait for their Debut to come, and then they can start Naamah's Service fully.<p>

Skills: Singing, Dancing, Lap Harp, Entertaining<br>
Hobbies: Reading, Learning Languages, Sewing, Helping at the Orphanage<p>

Languages: d'Angeline, Umaiyyatan, Cruithne, Eiran, Jute<br>
Family: Solange Dubois (Mother), Omer Dubois (Father), Shamsa Dubois (Twin Brother)

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