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Jun 6 2018, 02:30 AM

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<p>Gotland is a land made up of high mountains, deep valleys, fjords, lakes and woodlands. It is made up of a peninsula that reaches from the arctic rim down into the north sea nearly touching Jutland. It joins the mainland at Vralia. The the far western edge is a mountainous cliffs that block most of the cold wind most of the year. The western part of the peninsula is mostly rivers and fjords. Large parts of the flatlands are marsh or swamps. Around the base of the mountains are woodlands. A mountain range divides the peninsula. The eastern side is of a higher elevation with lakes and a smooth coastline in the Gotland bay. The northern portion of the country and onto the mainland is the home of the reindeer herders.
<p>Most of the people live in small villages and farming or fishing communities. Their capital city, Sigtuna, was the combination of two older settlements. It is as modern as cities in Aragonia, Terre d’Ange and Alba.



Mar 6 2018, 12:09 AM
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March Announcement 2018

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<p>WOOHOO!!! We have made it another month. We also managed a large activity check. So, that brings ups to March at last. March means a lot of things.
<p>First up would be the wedding of the King as our event. You can find it HERE. You will notice we have broken it down a little differently. Since this is the first sitting king (or queen) to be wed in about hundred and fifty years there is a large celebration planned. It is set up by the day and there are two events each day that should appeal to people of all levels of society. There is also an open air market and fair out of the east gates that will run the whole week in rp but a month give or take in rp.
<p>Alais de la Courcel's family tree is now up. It might look a little incomplete but it is rather large. If you are interested in playing the Cruarch heir I can give you the details please contact me here via pm or dm on discord.
<p>I know there are more announcements but at this moment they elude me. Please check this often and happy rping.
</div></div><a href="" style="font-family: arial, serif; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #222; font-size: 6px; text-align: center">&copy; darren criss</a></center>[/dohtml]

Feb 28 2018, 12:00 AM

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<p>Alais de la Courcel*(deceased) - Alais de la Courcel was the second daughter of Ysandre de la Courcel and Drustan mab Necthana. She was more intune with her Cruithne heritage and was known to have true dreams even from a young age. When she came of age she was originally was betrothed to her father’s heir, Talorcan. Events over the next year saw her dissolving that arrangement and being adopted by her aunt so her children could inherit from Talorcan. This was found more pleasing to the people of Alba than her marrying him directly.
<p>Alais found her calling to be an ollamh. After the issue with Carthage and the marriage of her sister Alais returned to Alba to take her training serious as an ollamh. She found an easy place among the Cruithne and a true home among the wilds with the Maghuin Dhonn. Her time was split between Eire and Alba.
<p>She was handfasted to Conor mac Grainne. Together they had three children,
Selwyn Mac Alais, Leofflæd Mac Conor, and Roe Mac Alais. They were mostly raised in the wild among the Maghuin Dhonn. They would spend the summers traveling or being wherever Talorcan was since she served to advise him even in the days before he was Cruarch.
<p> It was while she was traveling with him that she met and showed favor to a chevalier, Miquleon Ferrant. From her unions with him two more children were produced, Ombeline de la Courcel and Éduin de la Courcel. These children being more d’Angeline than Cruithne it was clear even at a young age they were not at home among the Maghuin Dhonn or any other Cruithne. When Miquleon Ferrant military service was over in Alba Alais let her youngest children move to Terre d’Ange where they were adopted into her sister’s family and raised in her mother’s court.
<p>Alais went on to become known as Alais the wise and was one of the most sought after ollamh. People came from all the corners of the world to seek her wisdom. She served as advisor to the Cruarch for both Talorcan and her son, Selwyn, until her death. No one is sure when she passed since her visits out of the wilds became less and less with a year or two between visits. Some say she turned into a bear or deer to live out her life in complete peace. Others say she turned into a dove as a gift from the gods from both her homes. A park was created in Byrn Gorrydum so the Maghuin Dhonn would always have a place with the rest of the Cruithne.
<p>Trusts were also set up for her legacy in both countries. Two of her older children and many of her grandchildren stayed with the Maghuin Dhonn and rarel came out of the wilds unless they were in line to become the next Cruarch or producing an heir. Only the legacy in Terre d’Ange have taken advantage of it.

<p>Conor mac Grainne(deceased) - Conor mac Grainne was the youngest son of Grainne mac Conor, the Lady of the Dalriada. His father was a bard with the Maghuin Dhonn, Ferghus. The knowledge of his complete heritage was kept from him until he was an adult. As an adult he met Alais in the court of the Cruarch, her father, and he followed her into the wilds of Alba and among the Maghuin Dhonn.
<p>It is unclear when they were handfasted** or if that handfasting ever ended. They produced three children between them, Selwyn Mac Alais, Leofflæd Mac Conor, and Roe Mac Alais. Conor rarely came into the court of the Cruarch with Alais but he was seen commonly in the court of the Dalriada even after his mother passed. He was a well known bard in all of Alba. He was commonly found at Alais’s side when she was teaching people or offering her wisdom. His death, a much like Alais’s, is a thing of myth and legend with no record of how or when it occured. For all anyone knows he and Alais live on as doves watching over their legacy in two lands.
<p>Miquleon Ferrant (deceased) - Ferrant was the younger son of a baron in Terre d’Ange with no hope of ever inheriting anything. He made a name for himself when he stopped a a group of highwaymen from robbing the carriages of several nobles returning to their homes after the Longest Night. He was give the title of chevalier and awarded a place in the Cruarch’s guard. It was in this posting that he got to know Alais and would later produce two children, Ombeline de la Courcel and Éduin de la Courcel. When they came to the age of fostering he was released from his duty to the Cruarch and returned to Terre d’Ange.
<p>When he returned to the city of Elua he was awarded royal apartments for him and his children. His children were adopted into Sidonnie’s family and awarded the titles of princess and prince. When they came of age they were awarded estates, no additional titles, that were Alais’s by right. He served as stewart on first his daughter’s estate and then his son’s. He passed his dotage on the estate of his son until his passing.

*Please disregard the information about her legacy and the Naamah books. We have updated and changed some of the information to be able to make her legacy playable.<br>
**Handfasting is different than marriage and has different meaning to the people involved. It can last a certain time frame or until certain goals are met.


Feb 26 2018, 01:30 PM

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<p>Sidonie de la Courcel(deceased) - Oldest daughter of Ysandre and Drustan. Married to Imrie de la Courcel. While Queen of Terre d'Ange ushered in a Golden Age of Learning. Mother to four Courcel heirs: Anielle, Drustan, Béatrice, and Alphonse.
<p>Imriel de la Courcel (deceased) - Son of Benedicte and Melisande, foster son of Phedre no Delaunay. Married to Sidonie de la Courcel. While King of Terre d'Ange ushered in a Golden Age of Learning. Father to four Courcel heirs: Anielle, Drustan, Béatrice, and Alphonse.
<p>Drustan de la Courcel (deceased) - First son of Sidonie and Imerial. He died in a sailing accident before he had any issue, that is known of.



Feb 9 2018, 10:09 PM

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<p>Jutland is a peninsula and islands that jut off the Flatlands into the North Sea almost touching Gotland. Most of the terrain is flat with rolling hills where it joins the mainland. Heaths, plains, and peat bogs make up a lot of the flat lands. They are one of the producers of the types of hardwood that some of the best ships are made out of. They also are known for the large black and white dairy cow. The people of Jutland are divided into three large major tribes, Teutons, Cimbri and Charudes., and some smaller minor ones. They have a lot in common with the Flatlanders and Skaldi in the gods they worship.


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