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Scions of Terre D'Ange
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 Helaine nó Orchis, Enslaved Orchis Adept
Helaine nó Orchis
 Posted: Apr 30 2018, 06:09 AM
Adept / Slave

Helaine nó Orchis
18th November
Night Court
Helaine has a pair of the widest and brightest blue eyes that most people ever see. They can give her an air of innocence or mischievous intent, depending what she wants. Her eyes show her high levels of intelligence, when people know what to look for. Her hair is a warm mocha brown, with dark red tints in the sunlight. It is long, and hangs down to the middle of her back in straight and perfect fall, though sometimes she does curl it to add to one illusion or another. She had pale and perfect skin, a petite upturned nose, and a full set of dark pink lips. She is tall - standing about 5’8”, with good and straight posture, and a slim frame. Her bust is a little big for her frame, but she finds she doesn’t mind the attention.

Helaine fit the canon of her house perfectly. She is always smiling, always ready with a song or a quip on her lips to amuse whoever she is with. She is open and friendly, making her a good face at the Orchis Salon. Though since her recent life change, she has learned to close herself off, to try and keep herself together. Trust will be hard won now.

Helaine was born to Marek and Beatrice Perrindoit. Marek was a trader, who worked by taking his wares over the borders of Terre d'Ange to sell abroad. Beatrice was a girl he had met on one of his journeys through Eisandean, and the two fell in love. They married after a month, and Beatrice opened her womb and conceived Helaine almost straight away. Marek stayed in Marsilikos with his bride and babe for a while, though soon he felt the itch to travel once again. And his wife agreed to go with him.

When Helaine was two, Beatrice was caught out in the rain on one journey, and she got ill with a fever. One she could not recover from. After Marek stopped to bury his wife, he turned back to Terre d'Ange with his babe, his will broken for much else right then.

When Helaine was four, living in Marsilikos with her Father, Marek fell in love with someone else, a young woman Marie. But Marie was not willing to take on a child, and expressed an interest to travel with Marek who had been feeling his feet itch to travel again. He had come to distance himself from his daughter, and after some time he decided to take Helaine to Mont Nuit, to sell her for money to get his travels going again.

He took her to Orchis House, as the girl was always smiling, and laughing, and the Dowayne accepted her, giving Marek the money he wanted, and binding the girl to the House for adult life.

Helaine entered into Naamah's service at sixteen, and instantly had a number of Patrons who became regulars for her, who liked to take her out to fetes and even across the nation for various events. She liked to travel, not really knowing it was something picked up from her Fathers blood.

She was requested for a long term Assignation, which would require her travelling by boat with her Patron. Lord Marc du'Vil booked them passage on a ship, and they set out at the end of Autumn, believing that they would be fine with the weather.

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 Posted: May 1 2018, 06:45 AM


Welcome to Scions of Terre d'Ange! Please remember to claim your face and other such things. Claims can be found HERE. RP and Enjoy!!!!

thanks hanna marin ?
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