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Dowayne of Byrony
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Location: House Bryony
Born: No Information
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Skills: Highly advanced abilities in calculus and arithmetics, with the capacity to predict probable outcomes in games of chance. Don’t gamble against him, but give him your accounts to manage if you wish to have both wealth and company. An expert in Naamah’s arts and an able negotiator. May or may not have con abilities. Speaks Cruithne, Eiran, Akkadian, Aragonian, Hellene, and Caerdicci. Still has excellent sleight of hand and pickpocketing abilities, which he uses only when he deems necessary.

Hobbies: Gambling to some degree, but mostly it’s a job to him. In his spare time, he paints landscapes, not very well, but the exercise helps him quiet his mind. He keeps a diary of everything he does in a code of his own device. Laurent also enjoys riding, fishing, reading poetry, and strategy games. His tastes run towards Eglantine, Orchis, and Jasmine, but he would not be above playing a little with a demure Alyssum or a yielding Valerian.
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Character Age: 38
Occupation/Title: Dowayne of Bryony
Alias: Grasshopper
Nationality: D'Angeline
Relationship Status: Single
Joined: 9-January 18
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Laurent nò Bryony

Night Court

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Jan 13 2018, 02:38 PM
Laurent was irritated; Mont-Nuit was abuzz with rumors that Isabelle, whom he had courted so steadily, Isabelle who had used him and snubbed him, Isabelle was giving in to some Kusheline lordling. He'd tried to find her on the Longest Night, and failed, and he was now realizing that he needed to do something, anything, to get that darn woman out of his head.

He had a strict rule about not sleeping with his own adepts - conflicts of interest and what not, huh, Ardeth? - and he didn't quite feel like contracting on Mont-Nuit, or looking for someone to please him, but he did need, ha, he needed a place to spend all that pent-up energy and frustration.

And so he'd wandered off to Night's Doorstep, dressed in the garb he wore when he slummed it. Laurent was sneaky enough, that unless you were a noble, you might not know who he was, until he undressed and his marque was visible; even there, he might simply be a free or former Bryony adept, for all one knew.

Of course, Madame Dubois knew better, and he also knew that she held her patrons' privacy in great esteem. That was why he had opted for her salon before any other, and why he had specifically asked for Sahar: like mother, like daughter, he knew. And the Servant would handle anything he threw at her, he knew.

Sahar DuBois
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Jan 10 2018, 01:39 PM

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