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Location: Lucca
Born: No Information
Website: No Information
Skills An able swordfighter, rider, and military commander, though he views battle and war with distaste. Speaks fluently D’Angeline, Caerdicci, Aragonian, Ephesi, Illyrian and Hellene. Is mechanically minded and has well-developed engineering skills which he puts to use in the organization of Lucca’s defenses.

Hobbies Is an avid hunter and hawker, but César never kills more than is required, and always makes sure any game he hunts is ended humanely, and the proceeds used extensively. Enjoys reading by the fire, sometimes aloud for his children. Writes to his Tiberian mentor regularly and is known in fact to keep some correspondence with a variety of scholars around the world, including some D’Angelines. He has a piccolo flute that he sometimes plays, usually with his daughter Alba playing on the dulcimer. His sketches are excellent in their precision, though he usually uses his drawing talents to brainstorm contraptions, rather than make art.
Other Information
Biography :
Character Age: 37
Occupation/Title: Prince
Alias: Grasshopper
Nationality: Caerdicci
Relationship Status: Widower
Joined: 29-December 17
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César Davide da Lucca


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Jan 12 2018, 10:07 AM
<style type="text/css">
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<center><div class="iky"><div class="lfs"><img src=""style="width: 300px;"><div class="its">
<i>In my head consume<p>I sit back in my room<p>it's like the tapestries of life</i></div><div class="abg"></div><div class="iny">

<p> So, César (see bio linked in the profile on the side) is currently on his way to Terre d'Ange to meet his intended.  He's the Prince of Lucca and an engineer, but he is conceived to be very much a Renaissance man, with highly diversified interest and an active mind.

<p> It wouldn't be weird for César to have pen pals all over- people who are interested like him in various intellectual subjects, political and trade matters, scientific development, art, poetry, philosophy, what have you.  It would in fact be pretty much expected. 

<p> Of course when César comes to the city, if your character is there, then that means a friend is on the way.  I am happy to back-post with flexi-time some letters to establish that pen-pal chemistry; I will not handwave the creation of a friendship, though, because it would be too artificial.

<p> Possible connections:
<li>his first wife was princess of Aragonia so there is a possible connection there for Aragonian nobility; </li>
<li>being himself a Tiberium alumnus, it's also a place of possible connection for anyone who attended the university there;</li>
<li>anyone with a link to the University of Elua or Siovale could also be a potential pen pal.</li>

<p>I provided some code below because I could :-) <p>

<u>List of letter recipients:</u> <ul>
  <li><a href="">Niklos Shahrizai</a></li>
   <li>Faolan Trenaill</li>
<li><a href="">Tavish Iyer</a></li>

</div><div class="abg"></div><div class="sav">Post below if interested, PM Grasshopper or find her on Discord!<br> Yay? </div></div></div><p><div class="streetcred"><a href=""><font color="#d8dacc">oliver</font></a> <a href=""><font color="#d8dacc">sykes</font></a></div></center>


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