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Sif Vaterlos


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Apr 18 2018, 01:10 PM

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<center><div class="iky"><div class="lfs"><img src=""style="width: 300px;"><div class="its">
<i>By Axe and Bow, Sword and Spear,<br>
I will never be weak again
</i></div><div class="abg"></div><div class="iny">
<center>Looking for a group of strong female characters to join the <b>Valkyries!</b></center><p>

The Valkyries is a women only group of Mercenaries based out of the Terre d'Ange and Skaldi boarder. There are no males allowed to join, and no woman who wants to join is turned away, regardless of experience, history or nationality. They are welcome to join the Mercenary band as long as they stick to the rules, and contribute in some way.<p>

The band was founded by Sif Vertalos, and a number of other women she met in a similar circumstance as herself. They stayed together out of protection, but found tat they were stronger together, and saw a future together. <p>

They are paid a regular wage when on a job, which their popularity has been growing, and also all sign wills to say who their belongings and prophet shares will go to if they die.<p>

If this sounds good to you, sign up today and join the strongest band of women around today.

</div><div class="abg"></div><div class="sav">Post below if interest, or PM me!<br>I hope you do!</div></div></div><p><div class="streetcred"><a href=""><font color="#d8dacc">oliver</font></a> <a href=""><font color="#d8dacc">sykes</font></a></div></center>

Jan 3 2018, 06:09 AM
Sif was more than a little worried, but she was not quite sharing her fears with anyone else right now. The winter had not brought the usual heavy snows and unbearable colds that it normally did, and she knew this left the passes from the Skaldi mostly open. And while most the tribes were now in talks with the Engles, she knew that some were not, and they were the ones most likely to take advantage of the light winter conditions. Bastards. She had decided to come and sign on with a company for one of the Cameline Lords, and just luckily the commander was a woman. Good. She hated reporting to men.

She sat in the camp around a large fire as many of her fellow Valkyrie and the solders of the Lords company danced and drank around them. It was the Longest Night, but that meant little to her except the passing of another year. What did she had to celebrate apart from being alive and free, and that she celebrated every day. She did not need a special night to be happy about it.

She was in her usual leathers, a dark grey shirt on under it. She had her wet stone in her hand as she was running it over the edge of her favourite axe. It was the one she had stolen to free herself from the stedding, and she used it as he main weapon now. She continued to sharpen the blade, watching the way the fire danced in reflection along the metal.
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