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Nadie nó Bryony

Night Court

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Jan 17 2018, 11:59 AM
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Nadie nó Bryony

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5th November 1329

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Night Court

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Nadie stands at about five feet and eight inches in height, and has a slim and willowy frame. Her hair is the colour of honey, and her skin pale and clear. She has cornflower blue eyes, framed by dark brows that can be quite expressionly. She has a cute nose, a more round face, and shapely lips. She has an amazing poker face, and an even more impish grin.<p>

Nad's first memories were being on the streets of the City of Elua. She has no idea who her parents were, but when she was young she had gotten swept up with a group of children who run away from the Orphanage, and they lived in an abandoned building down by the docks. She was the youngest, and the others would give her bits of food they had left over until she was old enough to start stealing for herself.<p>

When she was nine, she had become quite the canny little thief, and she had a fondness for wealth. Not that she ever got much of it, but the colour of gold made her like a magpie, she was simply drawn in. And that led her to becoming a bolder pickpocket too. She was good at it, as she was naturally graceful and was able to slip through the crowds easily with her size and speed.<p>

One day she had come across a card game in the Doorstep, one of those street hustles, and Nad (as she had been named by one of the others) was intrigued. She watched them, and began to count what they had been doing, and she could see a pattern forming. With one of her stolen ducats, she began to play, much to the amusement to all those around her. She did not care. And soon she had won four times the amount back, much to the displeasure of the hustlers.<p>

After she had left, they had tried to get their money back from her, but a tall blonde man stepped in, and ushered her off towards Mont Nuit. He asked her name, and she had told him Nad, but when he introduced her to the Dowayne of Bryony he had called her Nadie, and that was how she was known from there on it. The Dowayne tested her, and she seemed to impress them, as they agreed to take her into the House.<p>

Nadie was taken into Bryony, though much time was spent scrubbing the streets out of her, and the filth from her hair and from under her fingernails. The blonde man, Laurent, was a free Adept at this point, and when he became Second he seemed to take her as a personal project. She chafed a bit under his tutelage, but she did learn from the best, and by the time she débuted at sixteen, she was one of the best Bryony had ever seen.<p>

Her début was a success, she had played a good number of cards all evening, challenging someone to beat her, and only then would they be able to have her for the evening. After hours of play, and a large pot of money (a small fortune in fact) under her belt, she finally decided to let a Lord win her début, and she spent the remainder of the night in his bed.<p>

She had gone from strength to strength since then, and with her Marque over three quarters done, she also has a sizable amount stored away for once her marque is made.<p>

Skills: Counting Cards, Chess, Dancing, Bartering<br>
Hobbies: Singing, Riding, Playing Hustlers<p>

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