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 A Shieldmaiden for the Wolf of Skaldia, (A Lady to be a Queen)
Fenris Halverson
 Posted: Mar 15 2018, 08:57 PM
Warlord Prince

Lady Brynn Thoreldsdottir
Shieldmaiden / Lady of Skaldi

Brynn is the only child of a prominent Earl of Skaldi, and as such, commands the respect of those around her with a natural grace befitting a lady of the courts. With her winter-white tresses and incandescent green eyes, she is hauntingly beautiful, but it is the fire that burns beneath her cool facade that catches the most attention from those who are honored to know her. Her kind benevolence should never be considered a weakness, for she is also very head-strong and her soft-spoken nature can vanish when her stubborn streak blooms. Her lovely, heart-shaped face has been scarred by her new husband, Ansgar, in order to impress upon her the importance of her loyalty to him.

The night before she was to be married to Fenris - a man who holds her heart and dearest respect - his younger half-brother and heir to Skaldia, Ansgar, attacked her. Her brutal beating and vicious rape was blamed on Fenris, and the man was chased from the city. Leaving her to fend for herself against the man who threatened her family and life - as well as the lives of royal family as well - if she turned from him. Married to Ansgar within the week, she endured his company for months - only until she was able to discern if her true love was still alive, and where she might find him.

Dressing as a handmaiden, she escaped from the capitol and fought her way through the wilds to find the man now known as "the wolf of Skaldia". She'll learn to fight by his hand and become his shieldmaiden - and upon his brother's death, she hopes to become his wife, if he will still have her...

**Some Small Things - Brynn is from a mountain stronghold to the north east that is known for their mines, forges, and metal wares - so she's quite wealthy. She and Fenris knew each other from childhood, though she's a few years younger. They were each other's firsts in nearly everything, though he often flirted around in her absence from court. They both have a fierce love for one another, though they've yet to admit it out loud. He'll teach her how to fight throughout their lives, though moreso when she finds him in the wilds.

**Plots To Do - If someone takes up his half-brother, Ansgar (or if I have to make him a NPC even), I'd love to do their past adventures - their youth, falling in love, their betrothal. The works. After that, I want to see their plight together - their reunion, him teaching her how to fight, the struggle to gather an army, maybe a pregnancy if they romance it up before killing his brother / her husband. They'll eventually kill Ansgar (after he kills his father, the King), and become the rulers of Skaldia. I'm open to more too, so please PM me if you're interested!!

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 Posted: Mar 20 2018, 06:10 AM
Loves everyone


But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
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